The Birchwood Difference

A lot of companies provide credit reporting products, but you deserve more than just products. You deserve exceptional service and a true partnership with a credit services agency who actually has your back and cares as much about your business growth as you do.



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Our Mission

Making Your Life Easier & Helping Grow Your Business

Over the last thirty years, Birchwood has evolved from “New England’s best-kept secret” into a national credit services agency that serves mortgage professionals from coast to coast. The foundation of our success and continual growth is our commitment to delivering a level of service that’s almost too good to believe, until you’ve experienced it yourself.

What Makes Birchwood Different

Everyone claims to be different. Everyone says they offer the best service. But few have the ability to prove it. At Birchwood,“service that delights” isn’t just our marketing pitch, it’s our promise.

Exceptional Response Time — For When You Need It Yesterday

Time is money. You can’t afford to waste it waiting on hold or for a call back. You want immediate attention from someone who can actually help. Our “never voicemail” policy means we don’t use an automated attendant. We respond in real time. And when the situation requires follow-up, we get back to customers as fast as humanly possible.

Pricing Flexibility and Stability — To Give You Every Competitive Advantage You Can Get

One size doesn’t fit all in the mortgage business, so we provide customized solutions that deliver substantial savings. We customize each service strategy to work perfectly with each particular business and budget. And, amidst all the industry upheaval caused by consolidation, you can count on Birchwood to be consistent and reliable.

Borrower Support — To Keep Your Customers Happy

It’s all about your borrower. That’s why we take on a back office role that fully and seamlessly supports your customers as though they were our own customers.

Fast Issue Resolution — To Provide Answers in Real Time

In the rare event that you encounter a problem (it happens even to the best of us), Birchwood’s open organizational structure is designed to address unexpected issues quickly and effectively. Our customers are family—“insiders” who get our immediate support, from the bottom up and the top down. You have a problem? We’re on it.

Protection for Your Business — So You Can Stay One Step Ahead

We genuinely care about your success. We believe in the value of true partnership—in being there when you need us, innovating solutions to your most pressing problems, and sharing our deep knowledge to give you an edge over your competition. Products like Portfolio Protector help you improve customer retention by identifying credit shoppers before they jump ship. And in our daily interactions, we always have your back.

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The Bottom Line

The Right Credit Services Agency Can Make a Real Difference to Your Company’s Growth

We’re proud of how many of our customers have been with us for literally decades. And we love that so many of them take the time to tell us how much they appreciate our “delightful” service and true partnership. But there’s more to outstanding service than just making someone’s day easier and more pleasant. Excellent service ultimately saves you time and money, which gives you a tangible advantage over your competition by getting you to the finish line faster, helping you increase profits, and, just as important, ensuring that your borrowers are very, very happy and stick with you for the long haul.

Intrigued? It’s easier than you think to make the switch.

We understand that most people don’t like change, even change for the better. That’s why we’ve developed a transition process that takes all the anxiety and pain out of switching providers. Give us just five to ten minutes of your time to show you how we customize solutions around your needs, optimize cost savings, and deliver a truly unparalleled customer experience.

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