Credit Freeze Instructions

Why you might need a credit freeze, and how to initiate one

What a credit freeze does

A credit freeze (sometimes called a security freeze) gives you the maximum amount of control over your credit information. It ensures that no one can obtain new credit, loans, or services in your name without your explicit permission.

What you need to be aware of

Placing a security freeze on your credit may cause delays in the timely approval of credit applications that you have made. This is because, when you have a security freeze in place, lenders and other credit-related parties will be unable to access your credit. To avoid inconvenience, plan ahead when placing a freeze.
It’s also important to remember that only you can lift the security freeze, and that you must do so with each of the credit bureaus individually.

How to initiate a credit freeze

A security freeze is put in place via one of the three credit bureaus. It is a bureau-specific action, meaning that to completely freeze your information, you must contact each of the three main credit bureaus.