Birchwood Customer Support

Various How-To guides for common ordering operations.

Customer Training Guides


ADV-120 Fraud Report

ADV-120 Report Snapshot



Instructions for Completing Form 4506-C


Closed Loan Pricing

Closed Loan Pricing Invoice Instructions


Credit Reports

How to Order a Consumer Credit Report

How to Read a Credit Report

How to Reissue Credit Files

How to Reorder a Frozen or Locked File

Ordering Credit with Calyx Point



How to Use CreditXpert Tools



Birchwood Encompass User Guide

How to Enable VOE in LO Connect

How to Order a Canadian Report through Encompass

How to Order a Refresh Report through Encompass

How to Order SSA-89 through Encompass Partner Connect



Adding a Borrower

Adding Documents to an Existing Request

Converting a Document to PDF

Finding Payment History in Trended Data

Finding Score Disclosures

How to Change Report Ownership

How to Merge Files

How to Merge Two Individual Files Together

How to Reorder a Bureau with Deceased Indicator

How to Submit to DU on ePass

Ordering Inquiry Verifications

Ordering Mortgage Only

Swapping Applicants on the Client Side

Unmerging a Credit Report


Precise ID

Ordering Precise ID


Property Ownership & Foreclosure History Report

Property Ownership & Foreclosure History Report Snapshot


Refresh Reports

How to Order a Refresh Report from Birchwood's Website



e-Signature SSA-89 Verification (ECBSV) Financial Institution Registration Proccess 

SSA Direct ECBSV Ordering


Tradeline Updates, Rescoring, Supplements

Rapid Rescore Instructions

Rescore Tab Ordering Instructions

Supplement Ordering Instructions

Uploading Borrower Authorizations for Supplement/Update Requests



UDN Training Guide