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Birchwood Credit Services’ comprehensive suite of tenant screening services provides you with all the tools and resources you need to conduct thorough due diligence and ensure you're selecting the most qualified tenants.

Based on the exact criteria you choose, Birchwood's tenant screening solution helps you quickly and easily determine the potential risk of a tenant. It also provides many additional safeguards that make your tenant selection process even more refined and targeted.

Birchwood’s reliable technology delivers fast, accurate results so you can fill your properties quickly and ensure you’ve chosen the right tenants!

Birchwood Credit Services Offers the Total Tenant Screening Package:

  • Immediate Online Access
  • Complete Credit History
  • Fraud Search and Identity Validation
  • Nationwide Database Searches for: Eviction (Covering Millions of Eviction Records)

Credit Reports: It’s all in the details.

Birchwood’s consumer credit reports provide an in-depth payment history in an easy to read format that helps you verify applicants’ identities and credit worthiness with greater accuracy and confidence.

Rental Scorecard: If you don't know your tenant's history, you’ll likely end up paying for it.

Getting complete and accurate data on an applicant’s credit history is critical to minimizing your risk. Birchwood’s in-depth credit information makes approval, denial, and referral recommendations based on the specific criteria you set related to:

  • Credit score minimum - customizable with pass/fail/conditional parameters
  • Income-to-rent ratio
  • Existence of eviction records within a certain time frame
  • Collection accounts and public records - customizable by number of accounts or percentage of total trade lines
  • Conditions that need to be met related to charge offs/bad debt, bankruptcy, civil judgment, tax liens, and more
  • You can customize and set up multiple Rental Scorecard criteria preferences for each of your properties, making it simple and efficient to manage everything in one place.

National Eviction Search: Reduce your risk of vacancy.

Between property damage, lost rent, legal expenses, and the costs associated with filing a vacancy, the average cost of a single vacancy is $3,000. Birchwood reviews millions of eviction records and provides enhanced, heuristic matching on each query. Our data is kept current with daily updates on both judgments and filings enabling our system to deliver expansive results that reduce instances of duplicate records or incomplete data.

Bundled Service Options:

Products - Bundle Option 1 

  • TransUnion Credit Report with FICO Score
  • National Eviction Search
  • Identity Analysis

Products - Bundle Option 2

  • TransUnion Credit Report with FICO Score
  • National Eviction Search
  • Identity Analysis
  • Verification of Employment

Products - Bundle Option 3

  • TransUnion Credit Report with FICO Score
  • National Eviction Search
  • Identity Analysis
  • Verification of Employment
  • Verification of Residence

Use Birchwood’s tenant screening services to help you choose the right tenant the first time. It’ll save you time, money, and aggravation.

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