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Identity theft is no laughing matter. Help protect your customers with a year’s worth of state-of-the-art identity protection. Your cost is minimal, but the value to your customers is high. Improve customer loyalty when you thank your borrowers for their business with this comprehensive service.

Features to help keep your customers safe:

  • Dark Web Monitoring
    This intelligent and proactive theft-detection solution searches the deep, dark, and surface web—including underground forums and file-sharing sources—and alerts your customers if any of their information has been compromised.
  • Credential Vault & Lost Document Replacement
    Your customers can rest easy knowing their personal information is safe. They can use this service to securely store credit cards, checking accounts, savings accounts, personal loan information, passports, retirement accounts, certifications, licenses, and more.

Educational resources to help keep your customers ahead of the bad guys:

  • Member Website
    Help your customers proactively guard against identity theft by giving them access to a dedicated website with all the most up-to-date information about the latest tricks, scams, and other techniques criminals are using to steal identities. Updated frequently, this site includes news items and tips that can make a real difference.
  • Identity Theft Newsletter
    This monthly newsletter provides innovative solutions for managing identity theft risk. Help your customers stay informed and stay safe.

Services to set things to rights in the worst case scenario:

  • Dedicated Recovery Advocate, Fully-managed Identity Fraud Research, Remediation, and Recovery Services
    In cases of identity theft, it’s critical to have the right people helping you put your world back together. Give your customer access to a dedicated and certified Recovery Advocate who will work on their behalf and handle all the tasks involved with restoring their identity: Completing and filing forms as well as researching and contacting all companies, agencies, and financial institutions to ensure that any and all fraudulent activity that has been identified is addressed and resolved.*

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In addition to all the features and service above, Identity Protector also includes the following for one year:

  • Single Bureau Credit Report and Score
  • Single Bureau Credit Monitoring

* Eligible family members include your customer; your customer’s spouse or domestic partner; dependents through age 24 who share the same permanent address; parents who share the same permanent address or are registered in a senior assisted living facility, skilled nursing home, or hospice; or parents who have been deceased for twelve months or less.

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