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StreetLinks LenderPlusTM is the industry’s leading nationwide appraisal management company (AMC). LenderPlusTM ​manages every part of the appraisal process for you, ensuring that your appraisal orders are taken care of from start to finish. StreetLinks’ exclusive Warranty of Appraisal Quality and Appraiser Competence coupled with their unwavering dedication to exceptional quality and service ensures that you’ll receive the highest quality appraisals on the market while creating a lasting partnership you’ll rely on day in and day out.

LenderPlusTM assigns appraisal orders to local, licensed appraisers based on historical quality and service metrics – not fees. Appraisers must meet rigorous quality and service standards to remain active on the LenderPlusTM appraiser panel.

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Lenders: rest assured. You will never again be held responsible for an AMC’s failure to pay the appraiser.

StreetLinks new AppraiserPlusSM program significantly enhances StreetLinks’ appraiser partnerships with trust and loyalty, removing the traditional hurdles of micromanagement and post-completion payment cycles and offering “COD” style payment for the first time since the 2009 implementation of HVCC.

By removing nuisance calls, texts and emails that interfere with productivity, AppraiserPlusSM participants can spend their time doing what they do best: inspecting properties, compiling data and writing appraisal reports, all while knowing that their ACH payment will be scheduled the same day they complete the inspection. This unprecedented level of focus, along with fair but stringent quality and performance standards for participating appraisers, allows lenders like you to work with the BEST appraisers while reducing risk and remaining compliant.

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StreetLinks QX

Say goodbye to risky, redundant reviews. StreetLinks QX’s intelligent rules engine scrubs each appraisal against hundreds of rigorously tested, customizable rules, then generates a focused, compliant report that points your underwriting team directly to the areas of the appraisal that need human attention. StreetLinks QX’s underwriter-quality reviews are available on ANY appraisal, not just appraisals ordered through StreetLinks.

StreetLinks QX combines the most sophisticated automated review utility and manual underwriting process ever developed into an adaptive blend of automated and manual appraisal underwriting can reduce your collateral underwriting efficiency by up to 40%. What would that kind of time savings do for your business?

StreetLinks QX PDF


A sale does NOT make it a comp – but does your review tool know the difference?

ValueCompTM is the only automated review model specifically engineered to technologically replicate a local review appraiser’s execution. With appraiser-based logic and a collection of robust data sources, ValueCompTM defines the appropriate comp set, then analyzes your appraisal report based solely on those comps to certify the legitimacy of comps and value.

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StreetLinks Comparable Opinion Report (SCORe™)

Uncertainty can lead to hesitation and ultimately, poor financial decisions. So, why settle for appraisal review tools that bring more questions than answers?

StreetLinks Comparable Opinion Report (SCOReTM) removes the uncertainty, risk and imprecision of traditional appraisal review tools and delivers the clear, affordable results that you demand. Each SCOReTM report is backed by StreetLinks’ SCOReTM Loss Warranty and performed by an experienced, licensed appraiser using local market knowledge to evaluate the logic and validity of the comparables selected in the original appraisal, giving you confidence in what the report contains and what stands behind it.


StreetLinks Liquidation Value Report (LVR)

When dealing with sensitive loans or distressed asset pools, you’re facing critical financial decisions – and it’s vital that the valuation is done right the first time around.

With StreetLinks Liquidation Value Report (LVR), there’s no need to worry about whether or not you’ve picked the right tool for your distressed asset valuations. LVR is an affordable, USPAP-compliant servicing valuation report performed by a local, licensed appraiser. It provides an objective, in-depth analysis of liquidation price and property condition, alongside an analysis of local market trends and comparables, bringing the most accurate servicing valuation review in the industry.

StreetLinks LVR PDF

StreetLinks Desktop Value Report (DVR)

When your deal leaves you with little wiggle room, use an origination tool you can trust. StreetLinks DVR is a USPAP-compliant desktop appraisal, completed by a local, licensed appraiser without performing a physical property inspection. DVR reports provide the subject’s market value based on an in-depth analysis of sold comparables and neighborhood market trends and StreetLinks’ proprietary Property Questionnaire.

Your DVR report can be upgraded to a significantly discounted full appraisal at any time, performed by the same local appraiser who completed the DVR.

StreetLinks DVR PDF

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