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Based on years of experience studying our customers' business practices, we developed our Guaranteed All-Inclusive (GAP) and Closed Loan Bundle Plus (CLB Plus) Pricing models. These proprietary solutions provide an efficient and cost-effective approach to credit report pricing that ensures equal treatment regardless of a borrower’s credit standing

GAP and CLB Plus pricing helps you improve TRID compliance, save money, and keep your customers happy by:

  • Increasing accuracy of credit reporting fee disclosure.
  • Eliminating hidden costs.
  • Avoiding borrower disparity.

It's kind of a win-win-win.

Simpler Pricing Structure

Birchwood's GAP and CLB Plus pricing structures allow lenders and brokers to easily quote an accurate Trimerge credit report cost by setting a single, all-inclusive rate.

Since the actual cost of a credit report at closing often depends upon the number of consumer disputes, credit reporting errors, instances of stale tradeline data, etc. (which require updates during the loan process), quoting an accurate credit report cost for a consumer application can be a challenge.

Birchwood’s GAP and CLB Plus pricing solves this problem by guaranteeing all add-on fees and back-end processing costs up front. There are never any additional fees. Even changes in circumstance, which under traditional pricing may necessitate re-disclosure to the borrower, won’t result in higher credit report fees.

No matter what is required to deliver the credit report, GAP and CLB Plus pricing includes:  

  • Three-bureau credit report with scores
  • All supplemental tradeline update requests
  • All technology/legislative recovery fees
  • All secondary use fees
  • All Fannie Mae Reissue fees
  • All reprint/retrieval fees
  • All fraud alerts

Happier Borrowers

No one wants to feel like they’ve been short-changed or discriminated against. Guaranteed All-Inclusive and Closed Loan Bundle Plus Pricing enables you to offer the same service for the same price to each customer who walks in your door. 

In addition, GAP and CLB Plus pricing helps ensure a smooth, surprise-free closing. With our set GAP and CLB Plus price neither they nor you have to be worried about being confronted with unexpected fees and up charges. Being able to offer them assurance about the stability of their credit reporting fees can go a long way towards increasing their comfort level with the process and confidence in you.

Greater Compliance

Guaranteed All-Inclusive and Closed Loan Bundle Pricing helps lenders and mortgage brokers ensure compliance with the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) and the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).

Under these regulations lenders and brokers are required to provide borrowers with a standard Good Faith Estimate (GFE) that clearly discloses all loan terms and closing costs. Closing agents are then required to provide borrowers with the new HUD-1 Settlement Statement that clearly compares the consumer’s final, actual costs to the original estimate. The final price for several services, including credit report costs, must be within ten percent of the quoted price or lenders may face penalties.

GAP and CLB Plus pricing, with its set price that applies across the board and which does not fluctuate based on how much work is required, helps ensure both consumer equality and minimized risk of closing penalties.

Better Value

One of the biggest driving factors behind GAP and CLb Plus pricing was finding the best way to deliver greater cost savings and overall value to our customers.

Our customizable billing formula is tailored to each customer’s business model, ensuring the greatest bottom-line benefit for your specific organization. One of our Birchwood team members can walk you through the process in detail, but in essence, Guaranteed All-Inclusive  and Closed Loan Bundle Pricing assists you by providing an easy way to treat all your customers the same while at the same time helping you lower your credit reporting costs and increase your savings.

Since we introduced GAP ins 2006, and CLB Plus pricing iin 2018 both pricing models have helped our customers be more compliant, productive, and profitable.

Of course, lenders and brokers who do not wish to purchase guaranteed all-inclusive credit reports can still purchase credit reports within Birchwood's traditional price structure.

In addition to credit reports, we also offers flood reports, appraisal and home valuation services, tax return verifications, and other related services at competitive prices delivered with our signature service and a smile.


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