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Half of Buyers Surprised at the Closing Table


Buying a home is stressful enough, but arriving at the closing and learning of unexpected costs can add to the stress. A new survey reveals that 50 percent of homebuyers are surprised at the amount of closing costs when they go to sign closing papers.

West Coast Leading the Charge in Sellers’ Market


In the latest report from Seattle, Washington based Zillow released on Tuesday, San Francisco and San Jose, California top the list of best locations for the seller’s market. Other cities that made the best sellers list includes Denver, Seattle, and Sacramento. Homes in these five locations usually stay on the market for approximately 54 days and rarely see a decrease in home values.

U.S. Residents Satisfied with Home Size


Online real estate marketplace Point2Point Homes recently issued the results of a survey intended to discover home-size preferences across multiple regions of the world. The firm surveyed 29,000 participants across 9 different target countries to find out just how large homes were in various nations.

Optimism Surges Among Potential Millennial Buyers


The new administration spurred a surge in optimism among non-homeowning millennials for the housing market this year, according to the latest quarterly Modern Homebuyer Survey for ValueInsured released Wednesday.

Predicting the Path of Mortgage Rates in 2017


Interest rates on fixed-rate mortgages have risen by approximately 75 basis points over the last eight weeks and are at a two-year high. But how much higher are they going to get?

Financial Institutions Grapple With Compliance Costs


A fiercely raging debate for the last five years is whether or not the added costs imposed on businesses that must comply with increased regulations justifies the benefits of those increased regulations.

Fed’s Projections Push Mortgage Rates Higher


Earlier this month, the Federal Reserve raised the federal funds target rate by 25 basis points—just like last December.

Rates will rise in 2017 – but access to mortgages will increase, experts predict


Housing market growth will slow and mortgage rates will rise in 2017 – but more people will have access to mortgage credit. That’s according to predictions from Redfin data scientists and thought leaders asked to project what the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump will hold for the housing market in the new year.

Making the Mortgage Picture Clearer for Buyers


A substantial number of would-be homebuyers lack the financial education to navigate the homebuying process, according to a recent survey from Sente Mortgage. And according to Sente Mortgage CEO Tom Rhodes, it’s up to the industry to step in and provide potential homebuyers with the education they need.

Potential Refi Market Cut in Half After Post-Election Rate Surge


The number of borrowers able to refinance a loan has been cut by more than half as a result of the post-election rise in interest rates, according to Black Knight Financial Services' monthly Mortgage Monitor report.


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