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Housing starts decline in June


Housing starts slipped recently, despite being higher than one year ago.

The housing market witnessed multiple positive statistical gains in the past quarter, but there were still some issues present in housing construction.

Mortgage applications drop, but less than previous weeks


Mortgage applications fell in mid-July.

Many consumers may be adjusting their purchasing habits due to high mortgage rates, though the latest declines in home loan application volume is lessening.

Industry members feel more confident in market conditions


Homebuilders are more confident in the market.

Further improvement in the residential housing market may be underway, as many aspects of recovery are becoming visible.

Consumers feel now is the time to buy property


More consumers think mortgage rates will continue to rise.

With the continued rises in mortgage rates, there may be more consumers interested in getting involved in the market now, as the trend may continue for the foreseeable future.

Mortgage rates climb as July rolls on


Mortgage rate averages experienced an increase.

The residential housing market experienced further growth in many statistics during the past month, and one that is leading the pack is continued improvements in mortgage rates.

Mortgage application<span class="editing-mark" style="background:#fe7f7f;padding:0.1em 0;" title="This is meant to be deleted.">s</span> levels tick down again to begin July


Mortgage application levels declined slightly to start July.

The mortgage market experienced a hiccup to start July, but the decline in home loan applications was less than in previous weeks.

Foreclosure levels continue dip in first part of year


Foreclosure levels dropped recently.

Foreclosures may be a less prominent aspect of the market, as these continued to occur less frequently as the year continued.

Refinancing still popular among homeowners


Mortgage refinance levels improved recently.

The residential housing market dealt with a significant level of foreclosures in the past few years, but this may be changing with a number of homeowners looking at refinance options.

Foreclosure levels decline during May


Foreclosure levels fell in May.

More consumers may be in the process of improving their residential mortgage standing, as foreclosure levels continued to trend downward.

Mortgage delinquencies drop notably in May


Foreclosure levels dropped again in May.

The mortgage market may be seeing a boost in health, as delinquencies continued to become less frequent during May.


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