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Residential construction spending emits mixed signals


Home construction spending dropped during June.

The housing market's work toward recovery was widely positive through the start of the year, though some recent figures may denote a hiccup.

Mortgage rates experience uptick as July ends


Mortgage rates experienced a rise as July closed out.

The mortgage rate situation in the residential housing market experienced a back and forth during the past few weeks, and this trend recently continued during the final week of July.

Pending home sales experience decline after notable increases


Pending home sales took a slight dip in June.

While housing market conditions have been mostly positive in the past several months, there was a slight hiccup in June.

Mortgage applications continue slide in late July


Mortgage applications declined recently.

Some consumers may be hesitant to take out a mortgage at present, due to the recent spike in residential interest rates.

Home prices ameliorate in May


Home prices continue to improve as the year goes on.

Housing market improvement continued in multiple facets durin​g the past several months, with home prices being one of the leading factors.

Remodelers feel better about housing market situation


Home remodelers felt better about the market during the second quarter.

While many aspects of the housing market are improving, such as prices, sales and construction, there also is some confidence increasing in other facets of the residential sector.

Home values strengthen as Q2 comes to a close


Home values continued to rise during the second quarter.

Spring home sales helped the market experience a notable gain in pricing, which could signal that consumers are willing to pay more to take advantage of the investment.

Home prices continue gains in May


Home prices continued to climb in May.

The residential housing market experienced positive progress in recent months, and much of this may be due to consumers purchasing properties.

Housing market may benefit from improving economic conditions


Market conditions may improve by year-end.

The residential housing market experienced a notable amount of growth in the past year, and this trend may continue in the coming months, as economic indicators could improve.

Mortgage rates fall after weeks of improvement


Mortgage rates slipped during the middle of the month.

The housing market may see a temporary spike in buyer interest, as conditions recently became more affordable, even if only temporarily.


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